Sunday, April 8, 2012

Friday March 9

Just when we sat back and thought.."Wow, Rileys sickness escaped the house without hitting anyone else" - BOOM!!

At around 1:00 today, Aydens preschool called me to say that he just isn't acting himself. He wasn't eating his lunch and actually fell asleep at the lunch table. I called Tim who immediately went to get him so he could be sick in the comfort of his home. He slept for a bit and then seemed to be acting fine, so we decided to meet up with Steve and Bobbie Jo for a much needed get together at TGIFridays for supper. Once we got seated..the bug must have hit him again. My poor little guy slept most of the way through dinner and didnt have one bite to eat. We took him home right after and hoped that he was better the next day..not just for him of course but because tomorrow is family picture day!! 


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