Saturday, March 31, 2012

Monday March 5, 2012

We have one down...

As soon as she woke up this morning, Riley stated that her head hurt. This is a normal from her on a Monday morning so it was brushed off as an "I don't want to go to school today"

As we went on though she clearly was not feeling well. Her poor little cheeks were so flushed and we then found out she had a temperature of 102.1. Tim had just gotten home from third shift, so he himself was heading to bed. I took a vacation day to stay home with her. For the most part she spent the day in bed, later afternoon she fel better enough to come out into the living room where there was a special little something waiting for her.


Sunday March 4th

Saturday March 3

Certain someones were caught getting along today.


Friday March 2nd, 2012

Love half days from work on Fridays..especially when i get some alone hubby time!! We checked out a new restaurant called Cheddars where someone grew pretty fond of their beverages : x

Doesn't this look amazing!!??


Catching up is hard to do..

To the tune of "breaking up is hard to do" hehe

Looks like tonight is the night i will play this game. Stay tuned.....   ; )

Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 60 ~ March 1, 2012

My Thursday off. Lucky little Ayden got to stay home and spend the day with me.
We enjoyed breakfast, going to visit Aunt Deb, a walk, a few games and just quality time together.
I will always miss this time with Ayden. He is so sweet and such a mamas boy!


February 29th, 2012

Leap year!!

59 ~ Tuesday February 28

I usually choose to sit out on Tims playtime with the kids

 Blame Me???

Day 58 ~ Monday

Don't cry over spillt milk. Literally

Day 57 ~ February 26, 2012

And we celebrate some more...with family  <3

 Giving thanks for all of her awesome gifts!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 56 ~ February 25th, 2012

The long, anticipated sleepover day has arrived. As excited as I was for this day, I am so glad I no longer have to listen to Riley tell EVERYONE and ANYONE who would listen about this party.

We had a great time. All 11 kids enjoyed themselves and all got along. Tim, Justin, and Ayden even found it hard to leave the awesomeness and stuck around for the whole night.

We had pizza, cake, ice cream, and opened gifts. After this we did craft. I bought a pillowcase for each of the girls and then they all put their handprints on each one. So then each girl got to take one home. In between the girls making handprints...Tim was in control of music and the girls danced for hours!
To end the night we had makeovers, pictures, and then we all got cozy in sleeping bags and watched a movie. Come 7am...they were up and ready to go again. If only I was, we would've been in business!


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 55 ~ February 24th, 2012

A little bit of playoff hockey... (they lost, bummer). Actually this is probably going to end up being the last time I see my nephews play high school hockey. All 3 of the kids have gotten accepted into colleges and venture off in just a few months.

Afterwards I finally held to a promise to a special little girl. One of my close friends, Yolanda has a 12 year old daughter Zori. A few months ago I promised her that I would take her out to dinner for good grades and her birthday. She chose TGIFridays and we chose tonight to make it happen. We had a great time and some yummy food to!!



Day 54

Sometimes it takes the perqs to remind me of why i still work there....

                            Thank you Verizon. This TV now sits in our bedroom and Riley now has our old tv. Which is also flat screen that I think I won from Verizon. Over the ten years I have worked there, I certainly have benefited between merchandise, extra money, and even trips. At one time this job was a dream. Lots of things have changed over the past few years and even though things like this are definately doesn't outway the bad....not. even. close.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


6 whole years. 6 whole years...WOW!

          6 beautiful years that I have had with this awesome little girl.

   I'm pretty sappy most of the time, so i'll spare another post of how i can't believe she's 6, how wonderful she is, how much i love her etc.... Instead I will just say Happy Birthday to my smart, generous, kind, caring, first born!

Birthdays around the Hilgert house allow you to choose what's for dinner. Every year we know what Riley will choose...Friendlys.  Us 4 were joined by Mom and Jaelyn for a yummy dinner..desert of course..and the crew from Friendlys also came out and sung to Riley. She loved that. Actually the whole time we were eating, all that she was concerned about was if we told our waitress that it was her birthday so that they would do that!

She also got to open some gifts. Her gift from us, i was on the fence about. Hence the last post stating I waited to the last minute. I found it to be rather...mature? But the more I thought about it and the more Tim talked about it, i knew that it was the best gift. An Ipod. She loves music, she loves to play games, and I love my phone too much to have to keep giving it up for her to play with!

And here is the birthday girl herself with 2 of her favorite gifts thus far... (cell phone pic)


Day 52. February 21, 2012

Tonight I had a little bit of alone time with Riley. This doesn't happen too often, so i really soak it up when I can. After waiting for the last minute to pick up Rileys birthday gift, Tim and Ayden had to run to the Toys R' Us in York to pick it up.

Riley and I went to the store to pick out her birthday snack for school and then home to the kitchen we went.



Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 51. February 20th, 2012

     Mondays are tough around here. No one wants to get up and the ones that do get up, are miserable for the first 15 minutes. To make it even worse for me, some mornings I wake up with a snuggle bug cuddled under the covers with me. This morning after my first attempt at waking Ayden, this is what i walked back in the bedroom to.


Day 50. February 19th, 2012

We dog-sat for our neighbors this weekend. Meet Linus....  We love him!


Day 49. February 18th, 2012

I had to work today..story of my life.

Nanny came over and spent a few hours with Ayden, while Tim took Riley up the street to a friends house for a birthday party. I missed out again. Afterwards they picked me up from work and we went out to a local pizza buffet with the Swaynes and then to their house afterwards for a bit.

Here is an end of the day pic.


Day 48

Time to pick up a little responsibilty.