Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 27

After Rileys ice skating practice (which is still totally involved in by the way).. my nephews had a hockey game. Both of nephews have been playing hockey at the same place Riley has lessons for years. They have even become a part of a Candian hockey exchange program. Very cool. This is their last year. They are seniors. This is a crazy realization that these teenie tiny babies that i have been with since birth are about to graduate high school. Dagen (the oldest) was hurt at a game recently and is now unable to finish out the last hockey season. Pretty sad but he seems to be doing ok with it. Tonight was Senior Recognition night so i snapped some pictures.


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 26

Ahhhh...the feeling of being able to leave an hour or two early from work whenever you want is just great!
I did just that today. Got home a bit early and was able to enjoy a non-rush to bed evening.

Some pictures of the kids enjoying shower/bath time.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 25

Much better day today. Started Planning Rileys birthday party with her today. She gave us some ideas and now we have to figure out what is realistic. Riley and I made snack tonight. It's Reeses Peanut Butter Cup popcorn. I got a picture of Riley helping for about 2 whole minutes and then she was out. Saw her again when it was time to help eat it!


Day 24


A. Very. BAD. BAD. Day. At. Work   Which equaled one tired mama.

Came home.
    We ate.
       We did homework.
          We went to bed.

                           Enough Said.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 23

Grandma slept over tonight. She read the book at storytime.

Day 22

More sledding and a trip to the SuperBowl for the Patriots!!! Riley and Aydens cousins slept over Saturday night and the Sunday evening Rileys friend Faith came over to sled. It was a busy weekend!


Day 21

Tim working 3rd shift has one advantage for myself...weekends I get to sleep in!!

When i did wake up, the kids couldn't wait to tell me that it had snowed out. I'm not really an "outside playing in the snow" kind of person, but I do try to get out and get pics at least. Ayden seems to also follow in my footsteps. After 10 minutes to get him dressed, he spent 3 outside!

haha...bunny teeth!!!


I'm gonna do it...

I told ya

Loves the snow.
MOM...Let me in please!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 20

Day 19

A few years ago one of my best friends that i ever had moved to California to live with her boyfriend. I was sad when she left, but at that time - i was going thru some pretty exciting changes in my life of my own. Most importantly, I had just gave birth to Riley. I remember Angel and i sitting in my hospital room filling out Rileys birth announcements and talking about how someday we can't wait to be moms together, pushing our strollers around and doing all things mom, together. When she moved, i don't think either of us really saw it as permanent. Especially since her boyfriend is from here to and is very close to his family. Days and weeks went by and yes, we definately still kept in touch but of course she made her newclose friends and well, i did to.  Anytime she comes home though we have a day just for us and its always great. Its like we never missed a day apart. Last year she came home for Matts brothers wedding and she could hardly wait to tell me the news. "I'm pregnant!!"  I was so happy for her because I know that she has wanted to be a mommy for a VERY long time. I could not wait to see her belly grow and watch her grow into the mommy roll! Umm..errr..wait Mandy - your not going to get to see this. Well thankful for technology these days because as she grew, she sent me pics and as she had questions, she emailed or texted me. She came home in September and we had a big ole baby shower for her. That night she spent the night at my house. We had a great time just chowing down on the couch, catching up, gossiping, and then falling asleep. lol
The next day when she pulled off I knew that was it. Yes, i am a VERY sensitive person. But i knew then - there would be no going to visit her and Sophie the day she was born, there would be no baby stroller walking in the neighborhood together, and most likely Sophie and my kids will barely know each other.
Then today came. Angel sent me a text this morning asking me about what she thought were contractions (and turned out to be). We texted each other about how we wished we were together, i said my goodlucks to her and that was it. Many hours later I got these beautiful pictures.

Welcome to the world Sophie. I cannot wait to meet you. I never thought it would bother me this much to not be there to see Angel and meet Sophie, but it really is. It makes me miss Angel, miss the friendship that we had and It makes me think of the day I became a mom for the first time and everything else that comes along with that. Riley and I will be making a trip to CA hopefully soon!!!


Day 18

Since Tim was at home Sick...I took this time to enjoy a night of no cooking and hanging out with just me and my faves! I took the kids to the mall for dinner, we ran around there and caused a ruckus for a bit, then off to meet a local gal that makes sport logo hair barettes. On the way home the kids and i blared Lady Gaga, danced, laughed, and sang. We all are proud to be Little Monsters! Here's a picture of Rileys new hair piece to wear on game days!

Day 17

Happy Birthday to ME!!!! 32 that is. Blah!


Day 16

Happy 4th Birthday Ayden!!

I seriously cannot believe he is four already. I find myself in a few minute mode of depression alot these days when i think about the days they were born, how little they were are, and how i cherish every moment with them. Good and Bad. This little guy is the sweetest little boy i know. He is addicted to playing Super Mario Brothers on the Wii and even asks us to call him Luigi. He loves to snuggle and i have NO problem with that. I am not ready by any means for him to continue to grow up but i cannot wait to see what he becomes. One thing i dont think he will be, is a hockey player!! (See previous post)

Tonight Ayden picked out Sausage (Bratwurst), Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, and Peas for supper. Afterwards we played with some of his new toys he got from all of his awesome friends and family.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 15

Our second day of Ayden celebrations. This time it was our family at our house.

Day 14

The first day of Aydens birthday celebrations and also Bobbie Jo's birthday

This is Wanda from school...he calls her his girlfriend

The whole gang

Day 13

This was a friday and I worked late again. Tim took the kids to Rileys ice skating practice which was awesome and then they met me at Friendlys for Rileys choice of dinner. No pics but a good time had by all      ; )

And it begins

Missing days. From days 8-12 fill in WORK WORK WORK...come home we ate, played, and said goodnight. I'll get better....promise i hope.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 8

Every year I tell myself I want to take the kids to the farm show. Not because I want to educate them on the real reason there is a farm show just yet. Even though i am an avid meat eater...something about standing in front of those cute pigs, chickens, cows etc...and then talking about eating them; grosses me out. We enjoyed the day eating, drinking some delicious milkshakes, stopping at EVERY stand selling something with grandma, stepping in poop, holding our noses at the smell of poop, and of course - playing/petting with some of the animals. We all enjoyed our 8 hour day at the farm show. Of course, I forgot my camera. Here are some low quality pics from my cell of some things we did.

the yummy shakes!

Rode some tractors

Oh YEAH!  Whoopie Pies


Day 7

Date Night.