Tuesday, March 6, 2012


6 whole years. 6 whole years...WOW!

          6 beautiful years that I have had with this awesome little girl.

   I'm pretty sappy most of the time, so i'll spare another post of how i can't believe she's 6, how wonderful she is, how much i love her etc.... Instead I will just say Happy Birthday to my smart, generous, kind, caring, first born!

Birthdays around the Hilgert house allow you to choose what's for dinner. Every year we know what Riley will choose...Friendlys.  Us 4 were joined by Mom and Jaelyn for a yummy dinner..desert of course..and the crew from Friendlys also came out and sung to Riley. She loved that. Actually the whole time we were eating, all that she was concerned about was if we told our waitress that it was her birthday so that they would do that!

She also got to open some gifts. Her gift from us, i was on the fence about. Hence the last post stating I waited to the last minute. I found it to be rather...mature? But the more I thought about it and the more Tim talked about it, i knew that it was the best gift. An Ipod. She loves music, she loves to play games, and I love my phone too much to have to keep giving it up for her to play with!

And here is the birthday girl herself with 2 of her favorite gifts thus far... (cell phone pic)


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