Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 56 ~ February 25th, 2012

The long, anticipated sleepover day has arrived. As excited as I was for this day, I am so glad I no longer have to listen to Riley tell EVERYONE and ANYONE who would listen about this party.

We had a great time. All 11 kids enjoyed themselves and all got along. Tim, Justin, and Ayden even found it hard to leave the awesomeness and stuck around for the whole night.

We had pizza, cake, ice cream, and opened gifts. After this we did craft. I bought a pillowcase for each of the girls and then they all put their handprints on each one. So then each girl got to take one home. In between the girls making handprints...Tim was in control of music and the girls danced for hours!
To end the night we had makeovers, pictures, and then we all got cozy in sleeping bags and watched a movie. Come 7am...they were up and ready to go again. If only I was, we would've been in business!


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