Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 19

A few years ago one of my best friends that i ever had moved to California to live with her boyfriend. I was sad when she left, but at that time - i was going thru some pretty exciting changes in my life of my own. Most importantly, I had just gave birth to Riley. I remember Angel and i sitting in my hospital room filling out Rileys birth announcements and talking about how someday we can't wait to be moms together, pushing our strollers around and doing all things mom, together. When she moved, i don't think either of us really saw it as permanent. Especially since her boyfriend is from here to and is very close to his family. Days and weeks went by and yes, we definately still kept in touch but of course she made her newclose friends and well, i did to.  Anytime she comes home though we have a day just for us and its always great. Its like we never missed a day apart. Last year she came home for Matts brothers wedding and she could hardly wait to tell me the news. "I'm pregnant!!"  I was so happy for her because I know that she has wanted to be a mommy for a VERY long time. I could not wait to see her belly grow and watch her grow into the mommy roll! Umm..errr..wait Mandy - your not going to get to see this. Well thankful for technology these days because as she grew, she sent me pics and as she had questions, she emailed or texted me. She came home in September and we had a big ole baby shower for her. That night she spent the night at my house. We had a great time just chowing down on the couch, catching up, gossiping, and then falling asleep. lol
The next day when she pulled off I knew that was it. Yes, i am a VERY sensitive person. But i knew then - there would be no going to visit her and Sophie the day she was born, there would be no baby stroller walking in the neighborhood together, and most likely Sophie and my kids will barely know each other.
Then today came. Angel sent me a text this morning asking me about what she thought were contractions (and turned out to be). We texted each other about how we wished we were together, i said my goodlucks to her and that was it. Many hours later I got these beautiful pictures.

Welcome to the world Sophie. I cannot wait to meet you. I never thought it would bother me this much to not be there to see Angel and meet Sophie, but it really is. It makes me miss Angel, miss the friendship that we had and It makes me think of the day I became a mom for the first time and everything else that comes along with that. Riley and I will be making a trip to CA hopefully soon!!!


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