Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Please Explain.

I never have really fallen into the hype of a New Years resolution. I have random thoughts/things that flow thru my mind constantly as to what I need to start doing or things i should spend more time on. One of them is to take more pictures and keep them organized. So when a facebook friend posted about a "365 Blog" it seemed perfect to help me checkmark this task off of my list. This blog will be used for me to post a pic or two EVERDAY of something from my/our day. Maybe even a description or two with it. Then, at the end - there's a place online that will make your blog into a book and wa-la..instant memories! Sitting here right now I'm thinking..this is easy, no problem - I got this! Once it's June, haha - i'll see how far I am. Please don't judge me if it is June and I'm still in April February! But here goes nothing. I'm going to accept this challenge and bring out my competitive side.

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