Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 8

Every year I tell myself I want to take the kids to the farm show. Not because I want to educate them on the real reason there is a farm show just yet. Even though i am an avid meat eater...something about standing in front of those cute pigs, chickens, cows etc...and then talking about eating them; grosses me out. We enjoyed the day eating, drinking some delicious milkshakes, stopping at EVERY stand selling something with grandma, stepping in poop, holding our noses at the smell of poop, and of course - playing/petting with some of the animals. We all enjoyed our 8 hour day at the farm show. Of course, I forgot my camera. Here are some low quality pics from my cell of some things we did.

the yummy shakes!

Rode some tractors

Oh YEAH!  Whoopie Pies


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