Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day Two.

Day off for all of us! We went and checked out the place we will be holding Aydens fourth birthday party. Unfortunately I did not take a picture, so today we will steal some info from their website!

This is where we will have his 4th birthday party and below is the package we're getting. While our guys were much more interested in getting more money out of mom and dad to play games, they had a good time here AND so did Tim and I while enjoying a few moments of silence. CANNOT believe it's birthday time already!


Party Pals

2 Hour party - 45 minutes in each bounce stadium and 30 minutes in your PRIVATE party room
Up to 20 bouncers (including birthday child)
Basic party supplies
2 slices of pizza per bouncer
4 tokens per child
A "come back and bounce with us" discount coupon for each bouncer
Drinks for each bouncer
Dedicated host/hostess

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