Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 29

We all packed up and went to family skate at the ice rink. I was pretty worried about a few things..mainly the pain my rear was probably about to endure. Surprisingly, Tim and I both did well and didn't wipeout once. Ayden enjoyed it but didn't want to stay out long, which was fine with us because we had to pretty much lean over and push him to go and that was not very comfortable. Riley did great!! I know i have said it a few times but it just gives me this great, warm, tingly feeling that she has finally found something. To actually go somewhere and not have her freak out or scream that she doesn't wanna do it is AMAZING!!!

Here's one of the very few pics that I took at the ice rink. I certainly wasn't feeling confident enough to take my camera or my phone out on the ice with us.

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