Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 43

I only have one picture from today and I don't think Becky is going to happy with me for posting it.
Sorry Beck...I have to. Because if I don't, there's another blank day and I already have way too many!!

Today we took the kids to see The Big Miracle.

We were debating to take Ayden or not, finally I decided that Tim could use a day to himself and I could use some one on one kidlet time. So he came. Good decision....ahhh not the worst, but he wasn't terrible.

Gotta love it when you have no idea there is about to be a flash in your face!

Ayden was into the movie for the first part. After a little bit though I was thankful I allowed him to bring in his Leap Pad. He ended up sitting on the floor in front of me playing it for 3/4 of the movies. Oh, in between the multiple bathroom breaks. Including one needed 5 mins before the movie was ending - u know, right in the middle of the best part!!!??? 

Afterwards we had a makeup ice skating class for Riley. We still use rental skates at the ice rink and normally never had a problem. However, this week something was definately going on with the skate. Becky and I noticed that she just didnt seem right. So i went out to the ice and asked her if she was ok, sure enough most of her fott somehow slipped out of the skate. A little annoyed that the coach (which wasnt her normal coach) didnt assist Riley. She had to notice. I took Riley off of the ice and fixed her up. But by this time, she was already in what i believe was an embarressed state and i could tell there was no getting her out of it. Plus i'm pretty sure her foot hurt a bit to. She went back to class but stayed glued to the way the rest of the session. She still says she is excited to go to class again. We have no class for 2 weeks..so fingers crossed that this was not a set back because up to this point she has loved it!!


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