Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 41

Mother/Daughter Valentine craft night with Tesla.

Tesla is a girl in Rileys kindergarten class. I will tell this first...

When Riley came home with this invite...i was ecstatic!!! I mean, this is one of those moments you think of the day you find out you're having a girl, isn't it?? I didn't hide my feelings either. Immediately i started telling Riley how exciting this was going to be and how I can't wait..etc. She didnt care. So what, I'm excited now - she will be excited that day. And as the day got closer she was constantly talking about it. So when we got to Tesla's that evening and Riley completely shut down, wouldn't talk to anyone, wouldn't even take off her jacket..i was pretty shocked. These little girls that she knew were trying their best to make Riley feel comfortable but she wasn't trying to hear it. As much as i wanted to get mad at her and then leave, obviously that is not the way to handle it. So i walked her around with me to the different stations that she was to be at in hopes she would start to come around. Wasn't happening. She didnt want to color, she didnt want to play any of the fun games we were kicking the night off with.
I decided to try a little trick. I told her i had to pee really bad and that i would be right back. I went up the steps and sat there (unnoticed). Sure enough, she came around. From that moment she was playing, laughing, having a great time with her friends. Riley just needs that little push to get over the hump of new experiences and then she is usually ok. We ended up having a really nice time, met some new moms, and made some really cute valentine crafts. Do you think i took any pics of them? You got that right, NOPE! I did however get one picture of a few of us at the one craft station. Thanks for a fun night Riley Elizabeth. I am looking forward to many more!! 


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