Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 31

Strike 2 and 3!

After staying home with Tim today to take him to the doctor (verdict = vertigo and stomach bug)..i decided to walk the dogs up to school to meet Riley. It was unusually warm for this area, during this time of the year so i was excited for our first walk home from school of the year! Little did I know..half way home...Riley would puke in the middle of the street. She said it was because she looked at Smokeys "stash" he left lay in the neighbors yard but i wasnt falling for it.

Apparently the girls in the neighborhood had already plotted at school that they were going to meet our front and ride bike. She was pretty excited for this. I told her to come in the house and change first. After a few minutes of her not coming back out of the bedroom, i went int and she was laying in bed looking like she would be there for days. Obviously she would not be joining her friends. I know she really wanted to, but no matter how hard she tried - the energy just seemed to have disappeared.  Ayden being the sweet heart he is, grabbed a blanket and a movie and laid on her floor saying he was going to take care of his sissy. (no picture)
I went out to make dinner, came back in and she was in tears saying her ear hurt. I took her temp and it was the highest she has ever had. 102.8. Our pediatrician is open pretty late so thankfully they were willing to wait for us to come in. Sure enough my baby girl had an ear infection and the start of an upper respiratory infection. She had to have a breathing treatment at the office and then we got to take a cute little pink panda machine home of our own just for Riley to take every 4 hours. Poor girl. She looks so pathetic with this thing on....

This equals no school tomorrow for her and Tim also has no work tonight. DOCTORS ORDERS!!                                 

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