Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 38

Cooking is not something I get to do often. I am a very lucky woman.. Tim does the cooking during the week. I'm sure he I know he doesn't enjoy doing it every day, just like there are some days I wish i could make supper. But the way our schedules work, he is able to have supper ready at a decent hour. The days my work schedule actually enables me to be home at a decent hour, I love to get right in the kitchen and make something. Tim always says I take too long when i cook..but hey, isn't the saying "Good things come to those who wait?"

The day I was off with my sick family, I got to watch Rachel Ray. Isn't she the cutest??
She happened to show a glimpse of this burger that she was making for her husband on the show that day. After a few minutes i caught my mouth hanging wide open and i'm pretty sure saliva was dripping out. I'm not a huge big fat burger fan..but this Double Bacon Cheeseburger with Worcestire Onions looked AMAZING!!! So i attempted it and it was pretty tasty. It's no Rachel Ray burger...but not too bad, right?

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