Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 32

Back to work for me. The big couch for daddy and the little couch for Riley. Again, no picture. They were all still sleeping when i left for work. I'm assuming this was probably how it went though.
When i got home, everyone seemed to be doing much better. (told ya it was short)
 Aunt Becki got Riley her very own Valentine making kit..so we started working on these. This is quite fun I may add. We are making up our own quirky sayings and she's making up her own designs. Here is the artist in action.

I have to get a little chuckle at Chloe laying in her favorite spot in the backround. Thats pretty much all she does these days when she isn't getting the main focus...unless we're outside or if I sit down somewhere, she comes to find me. What a life!!

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